Ahsen Six Person Turkish Tea Set

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Ahsen Tea Set with Glass Cups, Saucers & Metal Cover Turkish Tea Serving

Tulip Figure Cups

Tea set featuring the  famous turkish tulip figure tea cup with its amazing curves giving the cup a better hold and feel adding enjoyment and ease to your tea drinking experience

Decorative metal handle and saucer

Not just any handle and saucer as we sweep the grand bazaar for the most beautifully decorated tea cups where your eyes can't miss the precision and effort put into every small detail

Hand-made and hand-decorated

Hand Forged Tea set and Hand decorated with beautiful floral patterns and shiny gemstones 

Luxurious Touch and luxurious sip

a guaranteed boost to the quality of your tea time and definitely something to astonish your guests

Made in Turkey.

The Cups hold 2 oz. Ideal for Turkish, Greek, and Arabic Tea

Glass cups are removable from the holders and machine-washable.

Instructions for use

  • Our products are specially produced against blackening.
  • Do not use chemical-containing products for cleaning.
  • Do not wash in the dishwasher.
  • Just wash with water.
  • Do not leave it wet or damp.
  • Wipe with a dry cloth

Package/Set includes: 18 PC

  • Glass Cup - 6 pieces
  • Metal Cover - 6 pieces
  • Metal Saucer - 6 pieces